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Our Parish Mission Statement

"Guided by the Holy Spirit and nourished by the Eucharist, the mission of St. Dismas Parish is to become a welcoming community of faith, hope and charity by serving one another in the name of Jesus Christ, thereby enabling our members and the surrounding community to grow in their relationships with God and with one another."


Renew My Church Process

Greetings St. Dismas Parishioners,

Thank you to all of you who were able to attend last night’s Parish Meeting regarding the RMC Process and the possible scenarios presented.  We appreciate all of the questions, the comments and the concerns that you have and were able to express.

If you were not able to take a handout from last weekend nor come to Parish Meeting last night, please click on the links below to read the pdf document titled Renew My Church:  Parish Conversation to Discuss our Future.  Please read it, contemplate on the scenarios presented.  Next, review the attached Parish Data.  And finally, complete the Feedback form online by clicking on the Online Feedback link.  It is also available for you as a word document, titled Parishioner Feedback Form Eng if you prefer to print and write it.  Please take the time to answer this feedback form.  It is very important that the RMC committee hear about your thoughts and concerns.

Last night’s meeting was good, but please put your thoughts in writing for the RMC committee to hear.   Please complete the Feedback form by Monday, October 14 at 9:00 am.  If you wish to do it online or via email or submit it to the rectory, please submit your response by 9:00 am on Monday, October 14th.  You may submit your Feedback form via email to Rosy Aguilar’s email address:  raguilar@stdismasparish.net.  Or, you may print the form and return to the rectory or at any of the Masses this weekend.  We understand it is a short timeframe, however, your input is very valuable and we need to hear from you.

As you provide your comments, please remember this is not a vote.  We want to get your concerns, feelings and any questions you may have.  The Cardinal will make the decision based strongly on the established criteria every grouping is going through the RMC process.  The feedback helpsin gaining a better understanding of the local realities and needs in order to meet the goal of having  a vibrant Catholic community.

God Bless You,

Fr. Xamie

Links to Documents and Forms:
RMC Parish Conversation to Discuss our Future                    Parish Data              Online Feedback Form                  Parishioner Feedback Form Eng.doc



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