Football Mania!

Team Standings

The Women's Club won the team challenge as the first team to reach/sell the goal of 250 tickets! Congratulations Women's Club! Men's Club also reached the goal of selling 250 tickets. Both groups will be awarded $500. Thank you to all buyers and sellers!

Team Women's Club

334 Tickets Activated

Team Filipino Community

176 Tickets Activated

Team Men's Club

360 Tickets Activated

Team Community Outreach and Sociedad Tonantzin

100 Tickets Activated

Team PPC and Finance

162 Tickets Activated



2759 104 Jacky K. $25
4100 102 St. Dismas Men's Club $25

E-ticket Selling

Highest selling registered E-ticket seller can win 10% of total tickets sold based on a minimum of 15 tickets sold on-line. Click here to register!

E-ticket Seller Standings

Although there were 4 E-ticket sellers, no one hit the minimum of 15.