Oh come,
Let us sing to the Lord;
let us make a joyful noise
to the rock of our Salvation!
                                           - Psalm 95:1

The Early Bird Choir
9:00 Mass Adult Choir under the direction
of Judy Zimmer
11:00 Mass Adult Choir under the direction
 of Angela Conover

Adult, Children & Youth Music

The Early Birds

At 7:00am "The Early Birds" provide the music.  This is a small, but dedicated group of people sharing their talents with our parish community.

Adult Choir

The Adult Choir sings at the 9:00am Mass and once a month at the 11:00am Mass.  Practice is two Wednesdays per month 7:00 to 9:00pm.  Please check the Parish Calendar for practice dates.  We are always looking for more voices as well as instrumentalists such as organists, pianists, flutists, guitarists, brass players, woodwinds etc. 

Keyboard players are always in great demand.  Please call the rectory at 847-623-5050 if you are interested in sharing your talent.

Strings add richness to our sound here at St. Dismas Church.  We are blessed to have string players and we are always open to more joining us.

Even though guitars are string instruments, we consider them to be in a class of their own.  We have outstanding guitarists for many of our Masses, but we are always looking to grow and expand.  Please join us if this is your talent.

Percussionists add great variety and interest to all of our musical groups, come and help us keep the beat.

Woodwinds and brass flavor our music much like icing tops a cake.  At St. Dismas we have talented musicians who enrich our liturgies weekly.  If this is your ministry please join our choir.

No matter what your instrument or talent level, we have a place for you here at St. Dismas.  Won't you consider joining our choir to grow with us as we make new friends and worship our Lord in song?

Teen Choir

Teen Choir is a wonderful group for students in 6th-12th grade.  We enjoy singing contemporary music as much as possible.  Students sing extensive harmonies and can volunteer to cantor.  Rehearsals are every Wednesday from 6:00-6:30pm in Church (September-April).  The Teen Choir sings once a month at the 5:30pm  Mass.

Children's Choir

Children's Choir is open to any student in K-8th grade.  Students have the opportunity to volunteer for solos and harmony.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday from 6:00-6:30pm in Church (September-April).  The Children's Choir sings once a month at the 5:30pm  Mass.

Handbell/Chime Choir

The St. Dismas Handbell/Chime Choir is made up of students in 3rd-12th grade who are interested in learning a new instrument.  Students work as a team as they learn to play and care for this wonderful instrument.  No musical experience is needed.  Students will gain knowledge in basic music theory concepts.  Rehearsals are on Wednesday from 5:00-6:00pm and accompany the Children's & Teen Choir Masses.